Vietnam Rice exporter: QUALITY you can rely on:-

Are you looking for Vietnamese rice? We are major rice exporters who can be relied on to supply the best-quality rice from one of the world’s largest rice exporting nations, Vietnam.

We supply all the common grades of Vietnamese Long Grain Rice, from 5% to 100% broken, Parboiled Rice, Medium Rice and Quality Jasmine Rice 5% broken (85% and 90% purity). See product specifications or contact us for more detailed information.

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The best Vietnamese rice from the best suppliers
We believe it’s impossible to supply the best quality rice without strong supplier relationships. And strong relationships can only be formed through face-to-face contact.

We have an office in Ho Chi Minh City and employ a number of full-time staff.  Our Trade Manager has over 12 years’ agricultural experience. Our head office is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and our CEO Mr Mark Williams makes regular trips to Vietnam to meet with clients and suppliers.

Rice shipments are thoroughly inspected
At the end of the day, our reputation rests on the quality of our rice. This is why every shipment is inspected by our staff as well as internationally recognised third-party surveyors (SGS or Cotecna) prior to export, ensuring top quality!

Vietnamese rice
Vietnam is one of the largest rice exporters in the world, with its rice-growing culture dictated by three ecosystems (southern delta, northern delta and highlands of the north) over its 331,210 km2 land mass.

Rice production is critical for Vietnam — for both its local food supply and national economy — and, as a result, the Vietnamese have become experts at producing rice of the highest quality.

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